Your Phone Can Replace Your PC

Tux, the Linux penguin
The Penguin Cometh

My big tech news: I have a desktop computer on my phone now.

It’s running Linux, the free alternative to Windows or Mac. With it I can edit Word documents and spreadsheets, create PDFs, do Photoshop-class image editing. The screen is pretty tiny for that kind of thing of course, but it’s doable. In essence, I don’t need a computer anymore. It even runs Firefox. Not the new mobile version you can get for Android, but the full-scale desktop one.

Oh, and it still makes phone calls.

I’d tell you more, but I’ve been messing with this stuff half the night and I take on an even bigger project tomorrow. More of both these things anon.

3 Replies to “Your Phone Can Replace Your PC”

  1. Next step: running a webserver and ssh-daemon on your phone. It used to be that a mobile phone gave remote access to you, but from now on, you can remote access your phone!

    Take that, phone!

    Next step: robotics?

    1. I can actually do that – host a website on my phone. And when data uploads become more affordable, I think I just might. Because I am captivated by how fantastically, almost elegantly, pointless it would be.

      “It’s my web server, the whole point is that I can access it from anywhere in the world. However, it happens to be in my pocket.”

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