Apple Versus Samsung Galaxy Tab – Update

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 Review
OK, here

A quick update to the story about Apple blocking sales of the rival Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 throughout the EU. In good news for people who want to get their hands on this device, the ruling by the German court has been clarified. Confusion arose because Samsung has a German subsidiary, and the court had the jurisdiction to prevent this company selling the Tab 10.1 throughout the EU. However the court is not competent to ban the South Korean parent company from selling it in any other European country.

Glad to sort that one out.

I still prefer the iPad 2 as a device, but this probably is the best direct rival it’s seen so far and I hope the courts eventually do decide that it’s fair competition. Though I suppose it goes without saying that my favourite of all the available tablet devices is something else again. And no, not the one you’re probably thinking. More on this soon!

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Mad, isn’t it? Everything possible went wrong.

There were actually three versions at one stage, though I don’t think all three were ever published at once. First I published a version when I meant to just preview. At one point, a version that was correct except that the title was somehow missing went up. And then I deleted the wrong wrong version… Throughout this, swearing and cursing because the broadband kept failing, I am changing provider TODAY. So much for a quick update.

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