And Why Not A Tax On Age?

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But first…

Desperate times call for desperately unfair measures. A popular one is cutting back on public overindulgences like health and education. Another is increasing flat taxes like VAT rates, because they at least seem fair. Indeed the richer you are, the fairer they seem.

Basically, it’s all about finding ways to squeeze those who can least resist the squeezing.What’s the point of trying to tax the richest after all? They’ll always find ways to bribe you not to. So it’s the poor that get it.

But mammies are sacrosanct. That’s the rule, or so we thought. It’s not worth the political risk. Make life hard for the elderly, and you make the whole country angry. They already have enough to worry about – i.e., everything you ever do or might do. The last thing they need is a vaguely threatening letter, apparently designed to sow the maximum amount of fear and confusion.

Yet that’s what mothers and grandmothers all over the country have just received. Statements, to be exact, of their revised tax credits. Now I am self-employed. I do my own accounts, make my own tax returns, so on. But I have read one of these letters, several times, and I have no shrieking idea what it means.

Many retirees have a work pension as well as their state one, both of which they paid towards of course, and neither – they were given to understand – liable to tax. But now the worry is that between them they create a tax liability. This means people with zero hope of ever increasing their incomes are now in fear that the money they budgeted for is going to be suddenly reduced. By how much? Will they still be able to feed themselves, still afford fuel? They have absolutely no idea. All the have is a document covered with the calculations of bureaucrats, that might or might not represent an end to any security.

This is wanton cruelty.

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  1. Re: Tax it has always been the same.
    No one wants to pay taxes and everyone wants to receive government services.

    The illogical knots that we are willing to tie the facts into to support why we should receive and someone else, anyone else but us should pay has always been a mental and insane sport.

    Healthcare-America spends twice as much on healthcare as any other industrialised country you would expect Americans to live longer. Return on money spent BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

    Military- America spends more on our military than the entire rest of the world does. Does this make any sense at all? I MUST WONDER.

    Industry-In America we give tax deductions for lets say cars used to produce income they do not need to be AMERICAN MADE CARS. I MUST WONDER. We do give tax incentives to FOREIGN auto manufacturers to build cars IN THE UNITED STATES. We are sooo impressed with Toyota making cars in the United States. Cars are competitive so profits are controled by the market BUT THE MARKET DOES NOT SAY WHERE THE PROFIT IS MADE. Toyota makes profit in JAPAN.
    SIMPLE EXPLANATION AS TO WHY JAPANESE AUTO PARTS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN AMERICAN AUTO PARTS. Americans are simply STUPID. They well state that AMERICAN parts are cheaper because well they are not made as well. Simply that is not so. American engines and transmissions well maintained last just as long if not longer than foreign made products do.


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