Sex With Satan

Well that was the Green Party. I wonder what they’ll do, now that politics is over.

I want to give them credit for bringing this government down. That can go in the ledger opposite keeping them in power for years, even when they were clearly being the worst administration we have ever known. And of course, going into government with them in the first place, when bells were clanging and red lights flashing all around Bertie Ahern.

You could have pulled the plug at any time, but you had to wait until they bankrupted the country first. All in the fond hope that Fianna Fáil were going to let you pass a package of measures that were against corporate interests. And against corporate donations. To Fianna Fáil. Really, Greens?

That can only be called culpable naïvety.

You were the party elected by the young idealistic voter. You forced them to watch while you made love to Satan. Not only have you played a supporting role in the ransacking of the public funds, you have destroyed environmentalism as a cause. In fact I feel like taking a piss in a river right now, to celebrate your demise.

Good riddance.

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The question I have is, what can Ireland realistically expect at the polls?

Most mainstream parties anywhere have become too cozy with banks in particular and corporations in general. Sometimes banks get the shaft if debt goes into restructuring. But the fact remains that those in power tend to (or at least seem to) be going out of their way to alleviate the plight of their corporate donors.

Given that voters don’t swing in full force to fringe parties and that in Ireland’s case the idealistic Greens served as nothing more than enablers for FF, where will people go?

Well sir, I expect to be writing about little else over the next few weeks!

I would have been writing about it more already if it were not for Fianna Fáil thrashing around on the deck so violently. It’s going to be interesting. Perhaps the central debate of this election will be over whether the other major players would have been any less bank-friendly. I believe not, but the only one of any size that can convincingly claim so is Sinn Féin. Expect them to get their best result since the split that created Fianna Fáil.

But the actions of the next few days (hours?) will make a serious difference to whether angry voters take it out on FF by arming the other mainstream parties, or plague all their houses by emphasising more extreme elements like Sinn Féin, the new United Left Alliance, and a groaning buffet of protest candidates.

Stay tuned.

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