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Here’s one aimed at the Irish readers, though everyone else’s moral support would be welcome of course. It may be based on a Facebook group, but it’s no slacktivism. It’s a good old-fashioned letter writing campaign.

The object is to request, politely but with brio, that the Vatican’s representative in Ireland should be sent home – just as would the diplomats of any state that instructed its agents to break domestic law and to conceal acts that broke domestic law. The analogy with a country caught spying is a strong one; by any standard these are the actions of an unfriendly power. The Vatican must accept that it cannot put its own interests above those of a nation’s children without gaining the enmity of that nation.

You can write to your TD, Senator and/or directly to the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Eamon Gilmore). There’s a letter template, but of course you can use your own words.

Try not to swear too much.

4 replies on “Expel The Papal Nuncio”

I want to second that point about not swearing, or grandstanding in any way. I know a few people who are involved in politics, and it is the calmest and most restrained letters which are taken most seriously. A swearword, or anything that looks shouty or placardy, is a short route to the bin .

Richard, this has become the blog I would recommend to people who want to know what blogging is about. Really superlative stuff.

Thanks Kevin, that’s really nice. I still consider myself very much a first-year student of the blogging art, and even trenchant criticism is welcome.

Trenchant praise however, that’s more welcome still.

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