Sinn Féin Breakthrough

Gerry Adams, having resigned the seat he didn’t use in Westminster, will take one up in Leinster House. Indeed things are looking good for Sinn Féin across the Republic. It’s an outside chance, but there is real a possibility that they will actually overtake Fianna Fáil to become the Dáil’s fourth-largest party.

Which would be amusing.

I note that TV3 has switched from election coverage to a reality show about driving around the country pointlessly. (Or something.) Nice to know the 30% of the population who didn’t vote for who runs their country are catered for. I was complaining about RTÉ the other day, but it seems commercial television is determined to prove it can be worse.

I’m glad we don’t have compulsory voting like in Australia. The sort of person who will not come out to vote even at an election like this is not the sort I want having any influence over anything that in any way affects my life. TV3 is about what they deserve.

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