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Ming The Merciless Seizes Power

Ah, thank you RTÉ for putting up the figures from the last two counts you missed in Galway West. Fortunately, nothing there has overturned my predictions. Connolly has moved into fifth place, but it is by no means over. FG still need more than they have for two seats, Connolly now wants a round 4,600. A tall order, but I think SF will have it for her.

I realise that I’m dissolving into Irish electoralese here. Will put up a glossary later. Anyway, it looks as if the Galway West count is going to shut down for the night now – still with no one elected. I think this is very poor form, and they should keep going all night for our entertainment. As I said to my girlfriend earlier, this is the only reality television.

Still, sleep also has its merits. I’ve been watching, reading and typing non-stop for hours now.

Other fun in the West – Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan (Independent) has been elected for Roscommon / South Leitrim.

Ming, because he ran as a legalise cannabis campaigner some years ago under the name Ming the Merciless – complete with shaved head and mandarin moustaches. Now he has finally gained power, and can proceed to destroy the Earth legalise weed be a frustrated backbencher. Unless of course he pulls of a sort of anti-Tony Gregory and supports a minority FG government in return for smoky liberation.

Open fire. Alllll weapons!

Yeah, I think I am getting a bit light-headed.


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