A Walk In The Dark

Home! (Just so’s you know I made it)

The last time I walked along this boreen, I was ankle deep in bright, blue-white snow. Now it’s night. There might be snow for all I know, but hawthorns and blackthorns and, in all probability, whitethorns are the only white I can make out. Then there were sheep in the fields, now there are newborn calves hardly bigger than dogs. Madly cute.

A cow lets me scratch her nose.

The gate to this field I notice bears that most futile of signs, ‘Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted’. I bet you they won’t – there is no crime of trespass. I suppose it has more impact than ‘Don’t Come In Or I’ll Sue’, but to be honest the sign just makes me want to go into a field I would otherwise not have the slightest interest in.

What are you going to do about it, field-owner?

On my left, passing a cousin’s house. They just got set up for 3D TV. When I was a kid in 1975, we were definitely going to have that by the year 2000.

On my right now, the well where we got all our drinking water when I was a kid in 1975. So some things changed.

And now I’m blogging in the dark, something I don’t remember anyone predicting. By the year 2011 people will walk around at night, publishing their thoughts in an almost stream-off-consciousness way for no very clear reason. Nope, those rubbish visionaries were way off on that one.

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