Announcing I.Doubt.It

T-shirts available. Seriously

How’d you like the new masthead? From now on it’s “I.Doubt.It” all the way. Micro Cosmopolitan – the name of my old newspaper column – is done with.

This comes as some relief. What was I thinking? To make it worse, it was originally written as one word – Microcosmopolitan. How did I expect anyone to remember a seven-syllable word I’d made up?

It was that way until the City Tribune had a redesign, and put my column into a single, well, column. They had to break up my title because it didn’t fit! I admit that did make it easier to read, but then I worried that as I wrote about information technology, people would think I was under the impression that “Micro” was still a hip and cool word for a personal computer. Ouch.

I suppose I was fond of it, the word I’d originally coined to describe Galway City. But as the column became more about global issues it grew less and less relevant. I kept it for a transitional period to help readers of the newspaper version find their way here. They will have by now I guess, six months and 200 posts on.

Yep, I just noticed. By sheer coincidence, the last post was number 200. Wow.

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No problem Susan. And dammit, the fact that I’m now linking to people was something I really meant to mention in that post. This is what happens when you update at 5:30 a.m….

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