European Central Brink

We’re here in Frankfurt to protest the fact that a truly vast amount of private bank debt had been foisted on the Irish public. We are asked to put up with this in order to keep the Euro from collapsing, but one has to ask if that is just, or feasible, or even worth it.

This says it all really. One of the stars on the euro sign outside the ECB, the actual big one you see on the TV news, held together with sticky plaster.

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A reckless waste of sticky plaster if you ask me.

Today Moody’s is downgrading German banks. I wonder if this will be close enough to home for Merkel and Merkel only to get a change in policy out of Germany. Between this and Soros singling her out in his speech it’s been the height of opposition against her in the new post-Sarkozy age.

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