What To Do About Guns?

President Obama will have to act on gun control – and fast. Otherwise it becomes an election issue, and the Republicans can say that he is going to take everyone’s guns away. Or make everyone carry Gay, pink guns with feathers and sequins on them. Or that only Muslims will be allowed guns. Or that anyone with a gun will have to donate their organs to illegal immigrants while they’re still alive. Anything, really. It’s perfect for them. Mad stuff like him being a Muslim Kenyan will only be believed by people who, let’s face it, weren’t going to vote for him anyway because he’s Black. But the Republicans can say “Well we know he has to do something with your guns. And he hasn’t said what. So obviously it’s going to be worse than you can even imagine.” He needs a policy, now.

But as I said yesterday, how do you control the gun ownership of people who have guns? Well yes, if it came down to it and if the Supreme Court – or a new Amendment – allowed, you could take their weapons off them. The theory that a personal stash of assault rifles guarantees liberty can de refuted with one word: Airstrikes. That’s not to say that a few gun-rebels wouldn’t be able to hold out for years and years in a campaign against government; guerilla warfare is tough and America is a big place. But the vast majority would be defeated easily, the remainder only as free as anyone in hiding can be free.

Of course no one wants another American Civil War. Well OK some people do, but even they want one they can win this time. Nobody wants to see the US descend into armed conflict to protect people from the dangers of guns. Except seriously big fans of irony. There has to be a safer way to lower the danger level. Confiscating legally-purchased weapons would be hugely difficult politically and certain to lead to fatal incidents. But there is a way to mitigate the harm that can be done with them:

Limit the supply of ammunition.

Restrict not the amount you can buy, but that you can possess. Have people bring back spent cartridge cases to show they’re not stockpiling. If they want to lay in more supplies than might be needed for a normal hunting expedition, have them produce an annually-renewable certificate of mental quietude. Give them that Voight-Kampff human empathy test. Have them say why.

It won’t stop all the nuts, no. The survivalists and paranoids and “patriots” will smuggle ammo, buy it from criminals on the black market, even manufacture their own cartridges in secret factories. It will be far from perfect. But it will make it significantly harder for a disturbed person to tool up the moment they feel a delusion coming on.

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If you are not aware Barrack Obama will be acting on gun control on July 27th by having Hillary Clinton sign the UN Small arms treaty. But you have nothing to worry about, as it basically authorizes the UN to put soldiers on US soil to collect our guns (doubtful this would happen). A more concerning angle on this treaty is that it exposes the records of gun ownership to the UN (a total violation of privacy). You have nothing to worry about however, since the President of Iran is on the committee pushing the treaty. In order to eliminate the Second Amendment of the Constitution a 2/3 Senate vote for the treaty will do this and effectively give the UN the right to seize our guns.

The next treaty to be signed is the “Internet Censorship Treaty” that allows the UN to remove the thoughts of bloggers like you and I.

I don’t want to get going on the pro-gun/ anti gun topic here and I’m 99% sure it’s not going to get much play. But realize the freedom of owning a gun it not only what’s at stake here. This is a very slippery slope.

Might I suggest some reading on the Revolutionary War for you?

Not sure if this is satire. No way in hell does Obama raise a pinky to stir up the NRA, especially in an election year.
The rest of the post has some novel ideas which although they might actually help will never see the light of day.

You know, it began as satire. But the more I think about it, the more it seems like it might just possibly work. (See today’s post.) It’s a huge difficult issue politically of course, but as I say I think he should grab the bull by the horns. I may be wrong that he will, I would actually be a bit surprised if he does, but I do think it’s the better strategy.

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