Ice Cream Tuesdae

Girl in cow costume promoting Free Cone Day ou...
Free ice cream if you’re hallucinating

Huh. There’s a “reduced fat” version of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I supposed if you made bullets with blunter tips, you could sell them as “reduced lethality”.

This insight brought to you by the fact that I’m still sick as a boiled slug. I am not a fan of the B&J product. It is, let’s face it, more or less frozen sugar. But I am craving sweet things and loading up on calories makes sense to me. I reckon if you’re running a temperature all day, you need to fuel it. So this is fever food.

Or wait, are you meant to starve a fever? In that case it’s cold food. It’s OK, I have both.

It’s all rather confusing. I’m staying at my mother’s place and she’s having double glazing put in. I wake up this morning, all the windows are gone. I go back to bed. Wake up again a bit later, the windows are back. Fine. It’s some time before it’s explained to me that this wasn’t just a weird dream.

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Food-related and Ireland-related, so this post seems as good a place as any: I just ate some Irish steak. Damn, that was good. To be honest, I only bought it because it was 30% off (today was the final date on the packaging), but now I’m tempted to buy that at full price.

(Perhaps it’s the picture of the cow-girl in the post that triggered me to buy it?)

If you think the beef is good you should try the lamb. Cute, fluffy, and delicious!

In sadder dead animal news, we were lucky to have a very good butcher locally. I’ve just found out that he closed up shop today, on account of the economy and dwindling population. The local pharmacy – next door – closed last week. Economic depressions are depressing.

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