Food For Breakfast 1

Deep fried pork intestines
Deep fried pork intestines

I am trying to eat breakfasts. Not a lot of them. Just one a day as nature intended. The main thing is that they not be fried. I allow myself fried food in the winter when you need a layer of fat to settle on the midriff and keep you insulated. But as soon as it is even nominally Spring – and I have to admit, the last couple of days have been downright summery – I resolve to eat like a herbivore.

So now it’s all fruit, seeds, yoghurt. I love it. Since I gave up drink I have found a strange comfort in such food. I think it contains all the important vitamins I was previously getting from beer.

To this end, I am seeking a great breakfast cereal. Maybe you consider that cheating. A real health person would be buying their grains and dried fruit by the sack and preparing breakfast with a scoop. But I am not a health person, and I am not a morning person. If it’s not in a big colourdy box marked “Breakfast”, there is a danger that I’ll eat the cat’s stuff.

It turns out my favourite one is by Kellogg’s, of all people. I like it for its mellow fruitfulness, and also because of its name: “Just Right – now with more fruit” – a pretty clear admission that it actually wasn’t just right.

And to be honest I don’t think it’s quite there yet. Slightly too many oats for my liking. Though it’s probable that too many oats for my liking is any oats at all. I’m just basically suspicious of any grain you don’t make beer out of. (You’re welcome to comment that, actually, you can make a perfectly good beer out of oats. You can play golf with a set of bagpipes if you try hard enough. It won’t make you popular though.) My girlfriend eats porridge every morning anyway, so I feel I am making sure that we have a balanced diet between us.