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Searching Out A Stranger

The Stranger (1946 film)
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There are good days and there are bad days. Most are both. I was thinking this morning that it really wasn’t such a bad time to be Suddenly SingleĀ¹. My money problems of the last year or so seem pretty much behind me, work could be picking up, I’m in good health, I have I some clear goals. Life is actually pretty bright. The only thing really missing is…

Someone to share it with. And click, we’re back in the room.

The most depressing thing about the end of a relationship – no who am I kidding, among the many aspects competing for the title of most depressing thing about the end of a relationship – is the fact that you have to get to like someone new. It took me years to get to like my last girlfriend as much as I did. I’d hoped to keep on liking her more forever. But now I have to start over, from scratch.

What am I looking for? Complete intimacy with another human being. Where must I look for it? Among total strangers. It’s mindblowing if you think about it at all.

  1. The preferred term for ‘Dumped’.
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